September Recruiting Newsletter

Fri, Jun 11th, 2021


What to do during High School Season!

  1. Make sure your Recruiting Profile is up to date!
  2. Make sure our Recruiting Coordinators are up to date with your progress
  3. COOMUNICATE!! Contact coaches and schools, give them updates 
  4. Keep up to date with Academics

**Tip of the Month: It is okay to ask college coaches for advice on what you should work on after they see your film**


Social Media                                                                    

** Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, PressSports, and Facebook @CarolinaJuniors **

This year CJV has made a conscious effort to increase our social media presence and branding, from a recruiting standpoint so should our athletes! With PressSports, Instagram, and Twitter our interaction with athletes, families, and collegiate coaches has grown tremendously this season and will moving forward! We highly recommend all our athletes connect and interact with us on each of these social media platforms. For Instagram, it has become very popular to create a Volleyball/Recruiting dedicated profile that highlight videos can be posted too, this can also be a good way to livestream games for Coaches or for family as well (BallerTV is expensive).
Tag us in your posts and use the #CJVRecruiting in your posts on all platforms! We highly encourage the use of Twitter as well for a Volleyball recruting profile, it is very easy to get exposure to programs and coaches who follow CJV on the platform!
*Well over 170 Collegiate Coaches and Programs follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and PressSports*



In an effort to continue to grow and provide our athletes with the BEST resources possible especially in regards to Recruiting. We have decided to upgrade to ConnectVolleyball this recruiting service provides extensive resources in regards to a schools Volleyball program, Academics, and Campus life all in one area!

  • Access every college coach w/ built-in messaging
  • See when coaches open your email + click profile
  • Maximize deliverability with our Gmail™ extension
  • Unlimited, professional highlight videos in minutes
  • Tag live and automatically cut up film post event
  • Track profile activity with all coaches in real-time
  • Personalized match % college recommendations
  • Organize your player info + video in Recruit Finder
  • Easily compare and get insight into target colleges

New Recruiting Tab for the website Coming soon!!!

CJV Recruiting will now have its very own dedicated tab on the main page of the website! No more digging through the website to find what you are looking for! As we continue to show our dedication towards our athletes and the recruiting process we want to ease the stress of finding information and recourses, with Contact information, SportsRecruits, our Recruiting Guide, College ID Clinics, and our wonderful Alumni all in one place it just got that much easier for our athletes!!

2021 Club Finishes

1st Place Finishes: 38
2nd Place Finishes: 39
3rd Place Finishes: 46
Top 10 Finishes: More than 115

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