1. What is the Sports Connection Annual Registration Fee?
    The Annual Registration Fee is required to participate in most Sports Connection and Carolina Juniors Volleyball Sports Programs, Leagues, Camps and Other Pre-Booked Activities.  It is not required for entry to any of the Sports Connection's Family Entertainment Locations.  

  2. How much is the Annual Registration Fee?
    The annual fee is $25 per person.

  3. Is there a Family Rate?
    Yes. The annual fee is $35 for a Family. The Family Registration Fee is valid for Married Couples and any Dependents ages 17 and under living at the same address.

  4. When does my Registration Fee expire?
    Your Annual Registration is valid for one full year from date of issue.

  5. How do I pay the Annual Registration Fee?
    The Annual Registration Fee can be purchased using DASH (fastest and easiest way), through our website at SportsConnectionNC.com, in person at a Sports Connection Location or by phone 704-583-1444.

  6. Are guest players allowed for league games without paying the Annual Registration Fee?
    Yes. We allow each team to have five free guest passes to use each season. Beyond that, a guest is required to pay a $10 guest fee if they have not paid the Registration Fee. Guest players without a Registration Fee on file will also need to submit a Sports Connection waiver. The guest pass/fee is good for 1 game only.

  7. What if a company or business pays for our league fee, or our team only plays one season per year?  Do we still need to pay the Registration Fee for each player?
    Yes.  Every player is required to pay the Annual Registration Fee. However, there is an option for a "Single Season Team Rate" that includes the cost of a single season Registration Fee for each player. The Single Season Fee is an additional $150 added to the team fee and it covers up to 15 players.


The Single Season Registration Fee expires at the end of that season and all players are still required to sign a waiver and have their information and photo entered into our system. Payment is due in FULL at the time of registration for the Single Season Team Rate, NO EXCEPTIONS. No deposits will be accepted and the maximum number of players per team does not change.

Payment Information: The Individual Registration Fee is $25 annually and the Family Registration Fee is $35 annually. Once your Registration Form has been received and processed (within 24-48 hours), you will receive an email with instructions to log into our secure and encrypted online system to process your payment.